Bearded Theory – Festival Preview

Bearded Theory returns this year to Catton Hall and NDR believes that this years’ line-up is the best and most eclectic of any of the UK festivals around.

As a previous visitor to Bearded Theory back in 2019 I will try and enthusiastically outline what to expect at this years’ festival. Not only are the grounds green and lush, but they seem to be meticulously cleaned like no other festival I have been to. As a Glastonbury veteran with 13 visits under my belt, I couldn’t get my head around just how clean the site is. On Saturday afternoon I marvelled at a completely rubbish free arena, I can honestly say I’ve never stood in an arena without a single piece of rubbish under my feet. It’s testament not only to the festival organisers’ hard work but also to the respectful and very friendly punters who frequent the festival. The same can be said of the toilets and shower blocks, no shuddering at the site of a destroyed turdis at this festival.

Add to this a roster of Independent bars (you can also bring your own drinks into the arena), great food stalls, a funfair, a school for Friday kids (yes you read that correctly!)and busker stops, then all this really adds up to a very unique festival experience.

NDR is a magazine that always champions the more leftfield acts and I will outline who we believe are your “must see acts” at this years’ Bearded Theory Festival.


SNAYX (pronounced snakes) have quickly gained a reputation as one of the country’s most exciting live bands. Off the back of an incendiary support tour with Kid Kapichi, they are now booking larger venues towards the end of the year, their momentum is undeniable.

NDR caught up with Snayx at the Brudenell Social club this year with our reviewer outlining;

“Snayx, quite simply, cannot wait to get on stage. It’s almost with an Olympic effort that each band member sprints to their allotted space on the Brudenell’s sparse stage space.”

Snayx play early Sunday afternoon. Expect quite a dramatic wake up call.

Beans on Toast

Lets be honest, it’s not a festival unless Beans is playing. A festival tradition that should be celebrated with whatever tipple you fancy (remember alcohol free beers are available at the main bars). Expect songs about litter picking, fancying Laura Marling and maybe that song about his previous bad behaviour with stimulants. Beans takes over the woodland on Saturday, miss it at your peril.


Benefits helped to launch Nose Delays Recovery with an incredible feature. The voice of a disenfranchised youth in Britain, Benefits really are a band that makes you feel there is a shift within the whole UK music scene. This will be one angry and loud set, a complete assault on the senses. NDR predicts that this will be the must see set of the whole festival.


Containing members of the legendary Fat White Family, Warmduscher can come across at times as a pretty intimidating bunch. A mixture of funk, punk and an unmistakable feeling of New York City. You will leave this set wondering where you can get hold of one of the matching white military styled tracksuits that is often sported. It’s fair to expect the unexpected at this set, certainly not for the light hearted.

Primal Scream

As mentioned previously NDR usually champions bands with a much smaller fanbase than Primal Scream, but come on – IT’S PRIMAL SCREAM. NDR as an entity would probably not exist if it was not for Primal Scream, they have a had a hugely profound effect on the look and feel of this publication.

Primal Scream are well known for their legendary festival sets. An incredible booking for a festival of this size, Primal Scream will without doubt provide the perfect ending to what promises to be the best Bearded Theory yet.

There are limited tickets left for this years Bearded Theory Festival, which can be found here;

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More information around the festival can be found here;

Bearded Theory | May 2023