NOFX (Final Show) – Preview

Jonathan Weiner

After 15 studio albums and 4 live albums, punk legends NOFX have announced their final shows this summer after a rigours 40 years of non-stop worldwide touring. In celebration of their final shows, they will be playing 40 cities across the globe and 40 songs at each show, where no two sets will be the same.

“Each of these shows is going to be different and special” the band said on Instagram. “And get this, we have already started practicing. Fuck, we have a lot of songs to relearn.”

Formed in 1989 by Eric Melvin and Mike Burkett (Fat Mike), NOFX became a mainstream success with the 1990’s American punk revival and became a staple of the scene with their 1994 fifth studio album ‘Punk In Drublic’. While never signing to a major record label, unlike most of the bands in their scene. They have gone on to sell over eight million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful independent bands.

The final UK shows will take place on Friday 26th May at Temple Newsam in Leeds, and on the 28th May at Hatfield Park in Hatfield in between the Slam Dunk Festivals.

NDR are delighted to be covering the northern date at Temple Newsam.

They will be performing their 1994 seminal studio album ‘Punk in Drublic’ and the 2006 socio-political album ‘Wolves in Wolves Clothing’ in full alongside all the classics.

Joining them for their final send-off are American ska punk hero’s Less Than Jake, 90s skate punks Lagwagon, Canadian hardcore punk unit Comeback Kid, UK two-piece punks The Meffs and Fat Mike’s newly launched project The Codefendants.

In a press release, Fat Mike explained that this would be the last time the band would tour. “This is not a final tour like Mötley Crüe or Black Sabbath,” the singer-songwriter said. “These are the very last shows NOFX will ever be playing. We are gonna play with all our hearts…With all our joy…And then we are done. We are done done.”

Tickets are still available for both shows from the link below!