Deer Shed Festival 12 Preview

Based in Topcliffe, North Yorkshire, Deer Shed Festival returns this year after bravely hosting a very successful socially distanced festival in 2021.

Deer Shed unashamedly bills itself as a family friendly festival, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it hosts a fierce and unique lineup that includes some of Noise Delays Recovery’s favourite artists. In our preview, we will outline the artists and activities that we believe you really shouldn’t miss. Get some ear defenders on the kids and start their education early.

Billy Nomates

Noise Delays Recovery’s favourite act and without doubt future festival headliner Billy Nomates is NDR’s unmissable artist. Releasing her eponymous debut self titled in 2021, she has since been in great company joining Sleaford Mods on “Mork and Mindy” and Yard Act on “Quarantine The Sticks”. This will be a performance talked about through the weekend and beyond by all in attendance.

Yard Act

Possibly the hardest working festival band in the world right now.  After releasing a number 2 album (only narrowly being beat to the top spot after a large campaign by Years and Years), Yard Act have been nothing but unstoppable in 2022. Expect B sides “Fixer Upper” and “The Trappers Pelt” to be sang in unison by a full crowd.

Snapped Ankles

NDR called out Snapped Ankles as a must see festival band previously this year. Expect the band to dress as trees, smash anything in reaching distance with branches and hopefully bash out a 15 minute version of “Rhythm is our Business” that you will think is just too short. Whatever time they play, we can assure you it will feel like a 2AM rave, feel free to lose your mates for an hour.

Pip Blom

Pip Blom are Denmarks best export since Carlsberg 0.0 percent lager. They have been around the UK circuit for a couple of years and NDR aren’t quite sure why they aren’t currently hitting an 02 Academy near you. Whatcha gonna do is a banger, Pip is hypnotic to watch, what’s not to like?

Katy J Pearson

Yet another NDR favourite, we reviewed her single earlier this year

Talk over town serves as a sample for the new album “Sound of the Morning”, which will be released in July this year. The intro has more than a resemblance to “under the pressure” by War on Drugs (no bad thing) and progresses to Katie’s more familiar folk/acoustic bass heavy style, of course her vocal delivery is as usual without fault.

A recent appearance on Jools Holland can only bolster her popularity in the UK.

The Bug Club

NDR attended a sold out Leeds show by Bug Club in April, our writer outlined:

The group delivered song after song of relentlessly brilliant rock ‘n’ roll music, interspersed with a few of their slower tracks, such as the full version of ‘Intellectuals’ or ‘Jonathan’s Gone’ (previously released as a flexi-disc). The versatility, and seemingly the effortless nature of guitarist/vocalist Sam Willmett’s complex guitar solos, reflect the intense musical skill of The Bug Club – whether that be the endlessly fantastic basslines from Tilly Harris or the salient drum beats from Dan Matthew.

Expect an incredibly loud and energetic set that is bound to set you off out into the fields with a huge grin on your face.


Having played a fund raiser for mental health for NDR’S feature editor last year, Bull have been on constant loop since last October by certain NDR members. Their debut album “discover effortless living” was received to critical acclaim last year and was produced in Amsterdam by Pavement collaborator Remko Schouten.

If there’s ever a feel good festival bad, it’s Bull. Expect some teenage Fanclub/Pixies/Pavement vibes from a trombone playing frontman. It’s not unusual for the band to suddenly acquire admiring musicians from other bands. Who knows who might join them?

Take a Rest

Any festival can take it’s toll on your mental health. There’s a full program of wellbeing activities that we at NDR believe you should get behind at Deer Shed, these vary from Yoga to Drag Dancing Unicorn walks. Take some timeout for a bit of headspace.

Festival Information

We believe there are now only 10 percent of tickets left. These can be bought here

More indepth information around the festival can be found here.