Jude Elliot – More to Life

Jude Elliot, an exciting artist in the Leeds music scene right now, released his latest single ‘More to Life’ earlier this month on 13th July. Not only does the track serve as an infectious, shoulder-swaying summery tune, it also serves as an ode to his mum and the general unwavering support from parents.

“The song is an ode to my Mum and mums/parents everywhere who always keep us on track and give us the exact advice we need whenever we’re unsure”


‘More to Life’ explores the nuances of navigating the day to day, how, even the smallest of inconveniences such as the spillage of a ‘coffee cup’ can fuck up your day when all else in your life seems to be going wrong too. Certainly, an all-too-relatable track. Both Jude Elliot’s lyricism and bright jazzy- indie musical style delivers us with a truly optimistic, dare I even say feel good tune. Jude’s distinct sound of clean, crisp and bright chord progressions unmistakably shines through in both the steady synth rhythm of the verse and the ethereal almost dreamy quality of the chorus. This latest release is already gathering traction with over 2.5k streams as I write this – and no doubt has the recipe for further success.

As part of Leeds student Radio (LSR), I had the pleasure of interviewing Jude ahead of his Hyde Park book Club gig back in April. In which, we discussed his musical influence, his musical ambitions, and his views on the importance of musical collaboration. The interview can be found here