Lions Of Dissent – I Feel Nothing

Wolverhampton based music collective Lions of Dissent return with their first new music in over two years.

New single ‘I Feel Nothing’ was released on Lion Rebel Recordings in all its sonic glory last week and we at NDR are honoured to share the exclusive visual experience to go with the interstellar sonic offering. Check it out belowwwww.

This track is a full deep dive of dystopian licks from the get go, blasts of driving bass feeds the tempo running alongside thumping drum grooves, creating a righteous path for the psychedelic sprinkles of snazzy synths that weave their way into the occipital cortex with glorious ease. 

Tim Baker’s far out vocal is underpinned by deep velvet drum beats, that wash over you like a wave, a true euphoric acid trip that lives on in the bloodstream long after the record has reached its final destination. 

The track may be titled ‘I Feel Nothing’ but it makes you feel EVERYTHING. It’s a pure soul gazing, psychedelic experience and it’s certainly something that I’ve deeply missed over these last few years, a void has been filled and I pray to the mighty upsetter himself, Mr Perry, that he blesses those true energy givers in Lions Of Dissent with hope and confidence to keep on keeping on for the good of us all. DIG? 

Peace, Love & L/O/D