Lions of Dissent present their new single, the sonically reinvented XYZ

XYZ is the first single taken from the reimagined and remastered forthcoming EP What Would it Feel Like to be Free. Originally recorded 7 years ago XYZ has been re-recorded and reimagined for 2024. The single is backed with the ethereal hymn ‘Heaven Sent – A Sedated Reinterpretation’. Artwork is provided by original member and group designer Sister Minor.  

Lead guitarist Rob Wear explains “We didn’t release any singles off the EP in 2017 and it hasn’t been on Spotify for about 5 years, so we decided to revisit the whole project and give it a new lease of life, this is a record we’re really proud of, then and even more so now!”

XYZ – ‘The truth in your eyes can save my soul’- the sheer power, vulnerability and energy from this glorious, psychedelic track has the potential to unlock and save the soul within you, if you be attentive and feel it intently enough, the key you have been turning all these years, to no avail, may just well open that rusty lock, the heavy door swings open, soundtracked by a soothing light of delightful shoegaze, listen up and let loose, this kind of music isn’t to be heard as a background soundtrack, it’s a deep dive exploration into an inner sonic soul that needs healing.

‘Please come home now or i’m gonna break down’ – the almost cracked and pop vocals on this obvious personal lyric hits deep into the core of the dark underbelly of one’s former exposure of psychological heartbreak and desperation, it rings very true, a teleported nine word punch libretto into your own past. The driving, thumping bass grooves and piercing euphoric distortion are the blood flow that carries this battle cry of forgiveness. Glorious.

Heaven Sent – the coveted B side and yes, B sides are absolutely still relevant and necessary, attacked immediately by edgy and eery drone synths accompanied with the come down of the awakened intensity of angelic vocals with a cosmic feeling of Jason Pierce spreads into the auditory cortex with delicate ease ‘Close my eyes and drift away’ an almost spiritual demand that guides you to do the same as you let this track bask over your aural being. Meaningful, dark velvet, lucious soft centred female vocals meander and create a looming presence overhead, again, a feeling of a desirable mantra that strikes deep into your consciousness. Sublime.


What Would It Feel Like To Be Free

Release date: Spring 24 TBC

Label: Lion Rebel Recordings

Peace & Love