Regional Creeps – Streak Must Go On

A speck of shiny sunlight pierces through the pane of what has felt like a forever dormant window in Barnsley’s smoothest cats – Regional Creeps, smokey bedroom hideaway. 

Since their creation in 2018, the band have released two exquisite, finely crafted albums in that time, including their effortlessly cool summer masterpiece ‘No One Cares’ in 2020 with stand out tracks such as ‘Do It For Yourself’ & ‘Dizzy’ – You can check those here.

Now they are back with their new slick output – Streak Must Go On 

This tune is full of jangly little weaves with zero urgency of accelerating any tempo and a sprinkling introduction of deep, moody vocals that compliment this track in a super sultry way, before meandering back to the hazy surf style that they have come to harness and conquer with consummate ease. 

Look no further if you want a light and joyous dog days sound, one you’d expect to hear oozing from headphones of girls rollerblading down a deserted sun kissed road in California.

You can feel the influence of bands such as Pavement, Bull and Mac DeMarco throughout this glorious song.

When it comes to harmonies and feel good soulful indie-pop execution, Regional Creeps are masters of their craft and long may they continue.

Check it out here: Spotify / Apple Music / Bandcamp

Jasmine Myra