Porcine – Stop The World

Known previously as Regional Creeps, the Barnsley dream jangle pop outfit are back but as Porcine. 

Porcine seemingly find it impossible to produce anything less than wonderful dream pop. 

Stop The World – Porcine < Check it out here.

Delectable soft and soulful vocals throughout generate just the right amount of dopamine to send the listener into a shoegaze daydream. 

Lightly sprinkled chord jangles keep you from floating right into a Psilocybin unconscious state. 

This track is as light as a feather, aside from the slightly grungy forty odd seconds mid song, where your almost deceived into thinking that this is going to end heavy until that sweet harmonic, angelic vocal brings back the tempo with ease. 

Recline back into your chair, breathe in, stop the world and breathe out, Porcine make meditation effortless.