The Miillion – Violence

After producing one of the most dope cassette tapes of 2021 with ‘The Beat Up’, long since sold out on Industrial Coast Records, THE MIILLION release their much anticipated follow up, ‘Violence’ – its double dope.

All of their output is reminiscent of clubs, heady venues, four storey concrete buildings, separate rooms with varying genres in each, out to cater for all souls looking for a good time.

This is what THE MIILLION feels like. A fast and loose trip that samples all genres, that explores all drugged up mind altering states, taking you on a ride on every track, a joyous helter skelter of hip hop, DNB, funk, scratching, cool down samples and lo-fi.

It kicks in with Dogged Up – Gazing opera, busting speakers explode , thunder beats, heavy drum and bass, female trance samples. Hushed gnarly vocals. Dark vibes. You step into the club, a piercing end, the lights are on.

Cymbals take over on The Jackie Suite teamed with loud bass, bass rattling fucking bass. Whoever is on the end of that instrument is fucking moving, with a timely hip groove.

Ten Ton Ten Ton introduces another feather to this ever growing list of transcendent genres of TM’s bow, echoing woodwind layered on thick followed on with sharp warning calls, ‘Shut ya fucking mouth, ya shouldn’t be here.’ Hip hop and soul is at the heart of this track. Follow the groove.

Druggies – Piano sampled fast and poppin bass jams, ‘keep ya noose, keep it low, keep it lone, keep it loose’ like a righteous mantra doubled with distorted shards of noise. Dance. Dance. Dance.

Choose Denmark is German techno, stomping intro. Dystopian samples. No let up on the pulse, dedicated tempo.

Hysteric is full of dirty breakbeat melodies and light choruses, loud banging bass and cool down samples.

Drugs vs Wrexham , you hit a blunt in the smoking area, scratch turntable oozing out the speakers, mellow, slowed down, it’s the cool down, comedown, refreshments, wipe the sweat off, almost romantic, still got that big bass lingering, until it’s not background anymore but right in front. Ends as it starts, a dulcet outro.

The Thistle is super fresh and funky, real dope and soulful, ‘kiss you like a thistle’ is a glorious visionary lyric, lots of scratching, a pinch of RNB, Brooklyn inspired hip hop disco, instigating unstoppable dancing.

Rose – Lights are low, the energy of the crowd has been hit, it’s a slow dance, wrapped around one another, soft soulful delicate sounds, both beat and vocals. That afro Cuban like beat keeps on, whirring jarring flashes of electricity through the sound leaves you spellbound.

Sharp Scaber – Cab ride, eyeballs wide and soul empty, fear of comedown, into normality, head sloped onto the cold glass window. But then, you find more drugs, and a party beckons. One last cool UP.

Breezeblokk takes you into the afters. You ride into the doorway full of life once again, beats, energy, you are back, you know it’s gonna be short, but you take it all in, live these last few samples, straight locked in focus. It’s a little slippery. Watch yo ass.

What an end. What a trip. What a force.

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