Mika – Live At Manchester Apollo

The electric feeling that is circulating around the fabric of the Manchester Apollo this evening is spellbinding, every soul in here is overflowing with anticipated excitement at the prospect of witnessing the arrival of pop superstar extraordinaire Mika take to the stage. 

The lights fade to darkness, the crowd erupts with cheers and screams, two piercing flashlight eyes glare out from the boosh – esque imagery setting the spotlights out onto the stage. Backed by his groovy band, Mika swaggers to centre stage, this is where he was born to be as he effortlessly glides into 2012 hit ‘Origin Of Love’. The crowd is in his hands from this moment til the very end.

He moves like an elegant butterfly, it’s such a wonderful sight to behold and it’s truly infectious as not one person in this venue is motionless, you can feel the pure energy bursting through everyone in glorious harmony. None more so harmonious than the introduction to ‘Lollipop’ from his multi million selling album ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’ – this is just the start of many fabulous sing-alongs that we were treated to tonight. 

Mika is such a versatile performer, switching from high pop to R’n’B soul in an instant, as exampled with ‘Feel My Fire’ ft South African singer Nomfundo Moh who appeared on the visuals behind. A truly wonderful rendition. 

But back to the pop, there’s no doubt that ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’ would inspire many giddy audience members to go into a frenzy..and a frenzy it was, another sing-along ensued, a real nostalgia hedonistic battle cry echoed around the reinvented butterfly lounge.  

Bathed in a shiny pink suit, one of the many seven costume changes on the night, Mika heads into the excited and elated crowd to create mini pop party pits in ‘Hell’ with his adoring fans before heading up to the ‘Angels’ to celebrate his return to where he belongs, right at the very top! 

The sheer energy and passion he commits to his performance is so impressive, none more so than the spectacular fan favourite hit ‘Grace Kelly’. The crowd are in wonderland and it’s true testament to his talent that he still has the golden touch many years after this track was released in 2007. 

Ending the set with ‘We Are Golden’, Mika has given it everything he has, all his energy has been passed onto the worshiping crowd here tonight, we leave with our hearts full and our souls complete, free to sing the night away in magical Manchester. 

Mika is true out and out entertainer who should be lauded in the hierarchy of pop. A genuine superstar.