Ruby Goon – Cold Wind/Leech 7″ (Phantasy)

Warm, sun-drenched Inspiration Information Shuggie Otis inspired succulent psychedelia from underground Moscow’s favourite multi-talented-multi-instrumentalist sentimentalists and troubadours ‘Ruby Goon’, whose first, very limited 7” single gives us a heavy splash of off-kilter psych-soûl that, if I close my eyes tightly enough, takes me on a lazy, sun-kissed drive through Santa Monica’s downtown district, during a particularly sun-kissed Friday afternoon. Although once I open my eyes again I’m stood in a cat piss smelling charity shop in a rain-soaked Barnsley town centre on a Sunday morning looking through snide DVDs as the poor lads who work for the council wizz by on their electric carts cleaning up the puke and kebabs from last nights carnage. And I’m eating a Gregg’s Steak Bake that’s gone cold. Like a grim Mike Leigh vignette, only shitter. And I’ve lost my fucking house keys. Anyway, this absolutely number wonderful single is on the ‘Phantasy’ label, based in the big smoke of Londinium and owned by über musical maestro Erol Alkan, an’ Erol don’t back things if they’re shite lemme tells ya. 

Cold Wind is a beautiful, confident, assured debut from ones so young and vibrant and I’d buy it for the A-side alone. I’ve not heard the B-side yet, but if it’s anywhere near the quality of this banger then you’re getting a lot for your coinage. Actually, ***STOP THE PRESS*** I’ve just heard the B-side (Leech) and oh let me just say, “it’s luxurious alright…”.  “Hey Mr. Pelican, is it akin to late sixties baroque pop?” I hear you say, and I reply “Well yes, I think it is, alright”. Some types have suggested classic seventies rock but to them I say “…get fucked…”, it’s way, way, waaaay better than that. So just luxuriate in its splendour. 

Keep your eye, or how’s about even both eyes, on Ruby Goon, causing elaborate blunt force enjoyment in your ear lobes and I can’t say fairer than that now can I. I really, really hope their next single is as good as this. And whilst you’re at it, please check Erol Arkan’s work, and the ‘Phantasy’ label too. You know it makes sense.

I’m pelican tangerine and I say “Relax”.